All The Best Things About Frozen The Musical

A wonderful friend of mine, Mitchell, messaged me last week and asked if I wanted to see Frozen The Musical with him the next day because his niece decided she didn’t want to go. My immediate reaction was obviously, “Is this a prank? This is a prank right?”. Sure enough, a prank it was not. So, we met at the Capitol Theatre the next day, masks in hand (then on face) and we sat through the entire glorious production of Frozen The Musical. Here’s our take away from the experience…

Mitchell says: You should’ve titled the post “Frozen With Anticipation: All the best things about a musical that warms the heart.”

Ugh. Stop it. It’s a little too long to use but good lord that would’ve been amazing. If you can all just imagine in your hearts and souls that this is the true title, that’d be fab.

❄️ Frozen The Musical Review & Best Bits

All in all, this was a stellar musical! Not that I’ve seen too many musicals in my time (Does Shrek The Musical count? lol). Look, I can’t speak from the perspective of an experienced theatre-goer, however, as a lover of the Frozen film, I feel I’m entitled to share my thoughts.

Mitchell says: Don’t masks just make selfies so much better! 🤣

I just realised that I had blue hair to go with the overall theme too! Not behd.

The Capitol Theatre Sydney

I’ve only been to The Capitol Theatre a handful of times but it NEVER fails to disappoint. It’s a place of such timeless grandeur that you can’t help but be wowed at both the architecture and the general aesthetic. The staff are always super helpful and friendly. Also, it may be because we went to a daytime showing and the fact that Covid is still very much on people’s minds, but there was literally no lineup. We waltzed straight in (after Covid check-in, of course) and had our popcorn and drinks within 10 minutes. Unheard of, I know, but I swear I’m not pulling your leg.

The ambience and décor

The pictures just don’t do it justice. The theatre was completely decked out to make it seem like you were sitting under the stars in a snowy realm with the gorgeous Northern Lights localised entirely within your kitchen…I mean, drifting across the sky in a beautiful array of green-blue colours and swirls.

Mitchell says: Whilst on our way in Katelyn decided to mention that she was in a bit of a rush and may have heated up before the train ride. Ambience (the smell of her sweaty pits) being something that we both were a bit concerned about turned into a great triumph. Smells of popcorn and the overall feel of the theatre gave such a sense of joy. The face masks were a bit of an annoyance (as usual) but at least they helped muffle whatever bodily odours Katelyn was worried about. The theatre looked, smelled and felt perfect for the occasion.

Yeah, it was a good thing we were wearing masks, that’s all I’ll say on that matter 🤣

The Frozen themed frozen blue lemonade slushies

Ugh, these were so delicious. So sweet and refreshing. And they came in a super cute Frozen themed keep cup with glitter that moves around when you shake it. I seriously can’t with all this cute shit.

If anyone knows how they made these slushies, PLEASE slide into my DMs (or comment below) with the secret because I would LOVE to know what kind of flavouring was used so I can replicate it at home. Is it just, like, a cordial you can buy from a store? Please. I need it in my life.

The masses of miniature Elsas and Annas

Again with the cute shit. So many tiny humans dressed up as their favourite characters and living their best lives. It was even cuter when they’d come out with a little Anna or Elsa doll they’d bought at the show. This caused E X T R E M E delight on my part because they were just so dang CUTE. As a cosplayer myself, I was secretly itching to dress up, but it was such short notice that there was no way I could put something together in time! I wouldn’t be opposed to doing an Anna and Kristoff or Elsa and Olaf couple cosplay with Adam for a future convention. We’ve got so many other cosplay ideas to get through though and not enough cons, so we’ll have to see how we go.

Do you think we could pull either of them off? Any other Disney themed cosplay suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

The phenomenal actors and actresses

I can’t even begin to thank the cast enough for putting on such an amazing show. From the girls who played young Anna and Elsa to the adult actors and actresses who filled the roles of the older characters, you could tell they were so happy to be there through the sheer enthusiasm on stage.

I felt slightly bad for the guy who played Hans who didn’t get nearly as many cheers as the rest of the cast (and even received a few boos) but I guess that’s what happens when you do such a great job of playing a POS. He truly did an exceptional job, so I feel like the lack-of-cheers speaks for his ability to play such a shitty character so well. Bravo.

The ‘Let It Go’ scene and dress reveal

YAS QUEEN. This scene was so perfect. Chills. Actual chills. Partially because the stage had been transformed into a frozen castle wonderland, partially because we’d been waiting to see how they’d do this scene from the very start.

I don’t want to ‘spoil’ it for anyone yet to see the musical but good lord, it is sheer perfection, straight out of the film.

That one scene with the blizzard where Anna gets frozen

I feel like this is such an underrated scene that gets a little overshadowed by the ‘Let It Go’ scene. This blizzard scene though is just as amazing as Elsa’s big reveal.

The way the performers come together and create the effects of a snowstorm with their costumes and their bodies is such a fantastic visual experience for the crowd. And when they bunch together to create the frozen ice behind Anna when she freezes is some serious creative flair. So good. 11/10, would watch again.

The confetti snow

I love a good confetti drop. This confetti drop was perfection. Little flakes drifted amongst the lights of the theatre, making the entire room feel like it was transported directly into the streets of Arendelle. I didn’t even care that half of the confetti floated straight into the popcorn bucket. Worth it.

I mean, this blog truly doesn’t do the Frozen Musical even half the praise it deserves. It was such a fantastic experience and I can’t thank Mitchell enough for asking me to come along with him.

If you’re a Disney fan and you haven’t seen it yet, get there! ❄️

This blog isn’t all just Disney and Frozen and cute shit…

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  1. I am an experienced theatre goer and Frozen is still a musical I still hope to see. Would have last year if COVID didn’t come. Luckily, Charlotte is getting the musical for 2022- looking forward to everything from the songs to the magic, etc…….I love Frozen.

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