Shorts | Friday February 19th 2021

Yellow is his colour; warm, bright, beautiful.

My Chemical Romance Reunion //_^

Now, I wrote this post a little while ago when MCR announced a reunion (and a visit to Aus for Download Festival 2020) and it was posted as a page on my “Things I’d Swipe Right On” section. That section is a thing of the past. It’ll no longer be in page format but future TISRO posts be posted as actual posts. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, but I couldn’t go past re-posting this so my fellow emos can wallow in the fact that MCR never did manage to get themselves out to Aus and it’s still not o-fucking-kay.


But also…


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Shorts | Thursday October 8th 2020

Since I’ve starting writing for other people as a day job, my own writing has come to all but a stand still. This is my answer to a stale mind. I call them shorts. They’re basically little pieces of a story told in 10 words or less. I’m not sure how often they’ll make an appearance, but I’m hoping they can help me get back into that good, good writer’s groove.


She drank her coffee. Then, joy.

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