Wingspan The Game

Board Game

Stonemaier Games

Age Range: 10+ | Number of Players: 1-5 | Game Time: 40-70 minutes

Wingspan was gifted to me by the wonderful team at Good Games Miranda so I could write this review AND give you guys a sweet discount (check the end of this blog and my socials for details) when you purchase the game in store with them until the end of Feb. If strategy games are up your alley, read on…Wingspan might become your new go-to game!

Initial thoughts

I’m going to preface this by saying that the initial setup for this game and figuring out how it all worked was a little intimidating and disheartening. There’s A LOT to read and to understand with quite a few bits and pieces when it comes to actual game materials. Ad and I found that the instructions weren’t super clear as to what constituted an action, a turn, a round, etc.. It may have just been our tired brains failing us but we turned to YouTube tutorials and then it became almost too easy! You’ll find a few tips in this blog to help you figure it all out too, so it’ll make things MUCH easier when you go to play.

Wingspan review

Wingspan is a game, not just for bird enthusiasts, but for anyone who loves a good strategic battle of wits. Each player is given a hand of bird cards and a bonus card that constitutes a power you can use to gain additional points at the end of each round.

The premise is simple (once you know what you’re doing): work towards a specific goal by taking turns to play actions over the course of 4 rounds, keeping the smaller points-scoring goals in mind to come out on top with the most points at the end of the game. It’s a similar scoring system to the game Arboretum, if you’ve ever played that before. You have a certain amount of actions to take per round in order to find food to attract birds to different habitats in your reserve, have them lay eggs and build your bird collection. Then, you score points on the scoreboard accordingly.

A really cool addition to the board game is the birdfeeder dice tower, which I will definitely be doubling up to use as a D&D dice tower. The game pieces are all beautifully designed too. Gorgeous colours and imagery is used throughout. Also, you get little bird facts on each bird card which is a nice touch.

As mentioned above, we found the setup a little difficult, however, once we found our feet (or our wings) it was smooth sailing and actually turned out to be a super enjoyable game! The gameplay was surprisingly quick and even though the box says to leave aside 40-70 minutes, I think you could knock a 2 player game out in about half an hour if you got good.

There’s a 1 player option, which is really fantastic for people who enjoy their own company. I’ll definitely be giving the 1 player setup a go in future.

You also get a code to download an Augmented Reality game via an app that’s related to Wingspan. This is something I’ll also be looking into as it sounds like a lot of fun.

Tips for playing Wingspan the game

Ok, here’s how you should approach this game…


  1. Don’t give up! The setup may seem hard but it’s worth it once you get going.
  2. Make sure you have time to spare when you play for the first time.
  3. Follow the Quick Reference instructions in the Appendix to set up – avoid the huge instruction booklet until you’ve got the basics down pat.
  4. Watch this tutorial by RollforCrit on YouTube…


  1. Play using the Player Guide prompt sheets for your first round.
  2. Action cubes denote how many turns you can take in a round. When it’s your turn, you take an action cube, sit it on your game board where you’d like to start your turn and move it throughout your turn until it ends up at the left hand side of your game board. It stays there until the full round is over. On your next turn within the round you use a new action cube to follow the actions you take in your turn. You keep taking turns until all action cubes are sitting at the left side of your game board. This is something Ad and I found really hard to glean from the instructions themselves. The tutorial helped a lot.

If you’re still stuck, please reach out! It’s a fantastic game and I’d love to help you learn how to play it. You can also check out my Instagram profile for a video version of this review and a few little snippets of the gameplay itself! I’ll be uploading more game reviews there in future, so follow and stay tuned…

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Where to buy Wingspan the game

If you’re in Sydney, pay the Good Games Miranda team a visit in store (across from the Westfield) and you can get a 10% discount on Wingspan by showing them this discount code…

In these reviews I plan on always leaving you with a quote from each person who was involved in the run-through. Ad and I played while our cats Aang and Korra spectated so you’ll hear from them too…

“I want to keep playing!”

ADAM (at midnight)

“I like birbs.”


“This is possibly the prettiest game I’ve ever laid eyes on.”


“Mum, how long until breakfast?”


Enjoy the game and let me know in the comments if there’s any nerdworthy stuff you’d like to see reviewed next month! 🙂


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