Greed Dice Game

Dice Game

Creator: Wood Expressions Inc

Age Range: 8+ | Number of Players: 2+ | Game Time: 30-45mins

The first time Adam and I played Greed, we played for 2 hours straight. It’s addictive…even if you’re not a greedster at heart!

So, this is kind of a Yahtzee style dice game. You’re rolling a handful of dice and trying to get a higher end score than your opponents. The way you get there though is slightly different…

Each player takes turns to roll the dice. Each dice has the following letters / symbols on one of its 6 sides:

G R E E D $

One E is red. The other E is green. This makes things more difficult. When you play you’ll see how.

There’s a score card (below) that tells you how many points you get for rolling specific combinations of the letters/symbols for every roll you make.

How to play Greed | Official Game Rules | UltraBoardGames

So, everyone takes turns rolling the dice. Each round you MUST bank an amount of points in order to keep rolling and continue banking more points on each of your successive rolls. You keep rolling until you either:

a) don’t bank any points on a roll and lose all the points you’ve racked up (this sucks)

b) overcome your greed and pass your turn (or run out of dice to roll), claiming the points you’ve racked up so far (this does not suck)

The last round commences when the first person reaches 5000. The rest of the players then have one last round to try and catch up.

The game is slightly strategic, but you definitely want to have a good relationship with Lady Luck if you’re in it to win it.

If you do play this game, which I highly recommended you do, I challenge you to try out my tried and tested “600 or bust” strategy. Don’t bank any score in a round unless it’s over 600. It’ll either go horribly wrong or horribly right. It’s a lot of fun either way.

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