Medium: A Mind-Reading Party Game

Board Game/Card Game

Creator: Greater Than Games + Storm Chaser Games

Age Range: 14+ | Number of Players: 2-8 | Game Time: 30-45mins

Have you ever wondered how much you and your sister/brother/partner/best friend/etc. think alike? This is the perfect game to test your theories.

This game is a staple in our household. It’s brought out at almost every gathering – you name it, Medium generally makes an appearance.

The basis of the game is that the people on the left and right of you are your teammates – forming two separate teams with you as the adjoining factor. Each player is dealt a hand of cards that each have a single word written on them. As the game progresses, play moves around the group with both members of each team placing a card each on the table (in turns), then figuring out (without communicating to each other) a single word that represents or links both. Once you both have your words in mind you say them on the count of three. If you both say the same word, you win the highest level of points. You get up to three rounds to end up saying the same word, using the unsuccessful words from each previous rounds as inspiration. The points you win decrease the longer it takes you to come up with the same word as your teammate. Once you finish your round/s you draw to refill your hand. Then, play moves on to the next team and they go through the same motions. The deck contains three ‘crystal ball’ cards. Once all three are drawn, the game ends, points are counted and a winning team is declared.

A few standout plays we’ve come across in our games have been:

Janitor + Brush = Broom

Car + Fence = Garage

Tortoise + Jacket = Shell

On a side note, we now refuse to call a garage anything but a car fence.

This game has been made for people with English as a first language, however I did play with a Peruvian friend who has a strong grasp of the English language but is still learning. She picked the game up quite well – and her alternative uses for particular words led to some hilarious outcomes throughout each round. I definitely wouldn’t discount ESL friends/family members from this game.

The best part of this game is honestly getting to see into people’s minds and the way they interpret different words. It’s a lot of fun and hilarious when two people you’d think would be snapping up points left right and centre actually have completely different views and perspectives when it comes to different words.

I might just be biased because loving words is what I do best, but so far this game has been a winner with everyone we’ve introduced it to.

11/10 would recommend.

Comment the word you’d associate as a link between “banana” and “firefighter” and I’ll let you know if we’re on the same wave length…

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