Chicken Thighs With Tomato Garlic Sauce, Mashed Potato & Greens

Home-cooked meal by Ad

Dinner tonight consisted of baked chicken thighs in a garlic tomato sauce, mashed potato, brussels sprouts and beans (plus mushrooms for Ad). Now, if anything can make brussels sprouts taste good, it’s worth its weight in gold. This sauce, my friends, is golden.

The picture is of Ad’s plate (peep the mushrooms) because I was too engrossed in scoffing this meal down that I didn’t stop to take a picture before digging in.

The creamy mash was perfect on its own (as all potato is) but mixed with the garlicky sauce…that’s a big old win.

The half star reduction was because the sauce was a little oilier that I’d have liked but that is by no means a complaint to the chef. Ad, you’ve outdone yourself. Delicious!

If anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I’ll get Ad to share his secrets.

If you’d like to see more of these “Eat-In” reviews, let me know in the comments or give this post a like. I love sharing good food with good people so I’d like to keep this series going.

gif credit: giphy

Bon appétit,


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