tl;dr Happy New Year & Stuff

You’ll be pleased to learn that I haven’t, in fact, disappeared off the face of the Earth. I’ve just recently been consumed by my bi-annual hiatus from this blog. You know how it goes. I’m the worst. We’re all well aware of this by now.

So, after an extended (and much needed) break, your friendly neighbourhood Kates is back, and you’d damn well better be #praying for her.


A whole new year has reared it’s ugly head. However, I feel as though this one may have the potential to become some semblance of beautiful (think Yennefer, post crazy magical transformation).

Here’s some news: I have a new job! A new job means a heck of a lot of learning, opportunities galore and (so far) some really fantastic colleagues and mentors to surround myself with.

A new year also means a plethora of opportunities to embarrass myself and the people I care about, both in public and within the supposed safety of my own home.


So far, plans to look forward to this year include…

A Valentines Day getaway in February: Heading to the Hunter Valley, surrounded by cheese, alcohol and the love of my life…chocolate. Ad will be there too. Jk I love that boi more than anything else.

A ladies one-shot D&D and wine day in February: 12noon-10pm with a bunch of random women I’ve never met, playing D&D and (hopefully) having a blast. *quietly dry-heaves at the thought of being in this type of social situation FOR 10 FUCKING HOURS* Here’s to getting out of my comfort zone in 2020. help.

A Hen’s party weekend in March: A bunch of girls let loose in Coolangatta with alcohol, nibblies and those straws that are shaped like dicks. God help everyone in the general vicinity. It’s going to be great.

A wedding in May: Super duper excited to see one of my oldest and best friends tie the knot! Bridesmaid duties have befallen me, and even though I feel useless living in Sydney while all preparation is happening back home in Qld, I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to make up for that during the wedding itself. At least I’ll be there to make sure there’s no food leftover to avoid any extra cleaning / wastage. It’s my best asset, if we’re being honest.

Supanova in June: *my longest yea boi ever* no joke, way too excited for this con’s cosplay idea. The bf is going as a stimky, arsonist human Wizard, and I’ll be a stealthy af, trinket stealing goblin Rogue. If anyone can tell me who these two characters are in the comments, you’ll be projected to the very top of my “DO NOT SNEAK ATTACK” list.

Travelling to the mfkn UK in August: HOLY FLIPPIN’ HECK YES. Catching up with friends, family and getting up to a whole bunch of shenanigans. Yes, jolly good. Quite.

Oz Comic-Con in September: We’ve not decided on costumes just yet so maybe you, the people, can help us out with that. If you have any couple cosplay ideas that are a little outside the proverbial box, pop ’em in the comments.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll be doing my best to find excessive amounts of blog post inspiration in my day to day activities this year, so we’ve all got that to look forward to; I assume if you’re reading this, you look forward to reading my shit. If not, why in the holy heck are you here, friend?

I know it’s the end of January already (wtf) but Happy New year everyone (I’m running on Lunar New Year time frames here) and I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful 2020. It’s the Year of the Rat and you can read all about what that means here:

That site^ covers a bunch of the traditions and lore surrounding Chinese New Year and the animal zodiacs and stuff. Super interesting. Get cultured and all that.

Anyway, if you want to discuss anything that’s mentioned in this blog, yeet your comment below.

Catch you later!


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