5 Seriously Good Netflix Shows To Watch In 2020

Now, we’ve all had a hell of a lot of time on our hands recently so we don’t have to feel guilty about taking a weekend solely to binge a TV series or three. I’ve compiled a bit of a list of some of my favourite Netflix shows currently streaming. They come from a few different genres so you might find that some are to your liking and others are not. Either way, here are 5 seriously good Netflix shows to watch in 2020 while we’re still under the Covid-19 iso thrall.

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Shorts | Thursday October 8th 2020

Since I’ve starting writing for other people as a day job, my own writing has come to all but a stand still. This is my answer to a stale mind. I call them shorts. They’re basically little pieces of a story told in 10 words or less. I’m not sure how often they’ll make an appearance, but I’m hoping they can help me get back into that good, good writer’s groove.


She drank her coffee. Then, joy.

The Final Empire: Mistborn Book 1 – Brandon Sanderson

Thank you, thank you, thank you Brandon Sanderson! After years of trying to overcome a reading slump, you have brought my literature loving soul back to life.

The last book to have me so utterly engrossed in its pages was The Name of the Wind by.the wonderfully talented Patrick Rothfuss. That was at least 3 or 4 years ago now. I was beginning to wonder whether another book would ever have the same effect on me.

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Facebook Memories – Public Transport Edition: Earlobes & Dreadlocks

Hello, hello! Just a quick one today.

So, I had a few Facebook memories pop up recently that made me giggle. I thought I’d share them with you fine people.

If you needed further proof that taking the train to work in Sydney (pre-social distancing) can drive you slightly mad, these documented moments from 12 April 2016 should suffice.

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Why Does My Cat…?

I find myself Googling the phrase, “why does my cat *insert weird thing my cat does*” way too often.

Like any good blogger, I thought I’d share some semi-amusing shit from my life with my readers and document the answers to said weird things.

Whether you have cats or not, it’s fun to learn. I hope you enjoy this delightfully strange, and slightly unsettling compilation of weird things my cats do, and why.

But first, background!

My partner and I have two cats: Aang and Korra. Yes, they are named after two Avatars. And yes, their names are super apt, given their personalities. It’s actually amazing.



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Why Everyone Should Play Dungeons & Dragons

As a socially awkward introvert, the very thought of partaking in any kind of role-playing activity generally has me ducking for cover. Instead, with some thorough coaxing from friends, I decided to give Dungeons & Dragons a go. I created a character who is a socially awkward introvert, therefore I am completely within my element.

It’s safe to say that I’m D&D obsessed. The narratives, the characters, the backstories, the hilarious highs and the downright soul crushing lows. The stories involved in this seemingly simple game are absolutely astoundingly awesome!

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